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A' Cantina I Mustazzo to CUBA

Cilento cuisine and hospitality around the world

The "Mustazzo" winery was founded in 1903 in Sapri, Salerno (ITALY). Typical Cilento cuisine farm. A place where you take a journey into the ancient flavors of the past, the art of good food, the traditional taste of Cilento products. Magical atmosphere, cordiality, sympathy, are combined with the flavors of the past. The simplicity with which you are welcomed is such as to arouse feelings of familiarity. "Mustazzo" has always been a point of reference for lovers of good food.

Over a hundred years and don't hear them!
"Mustazzo" crosses the borders and lands in Cuba, precisely in Santiago de Cuba, the second most important city founded in 1515 by DIEGO VELASQUEZ. Joy, human warmth, hospitality, vibrant musical tradition, cigars, history, art, culture. An important city for the Cuban revolution of July 26, 1953. Visiting Santiago is an opportunity to experience the true atmosphere of Cuba, to grasp and live unforgettable experiences, customs and traditions that enter "inside" you.

"Mustazzo" Local located in the center of Santiago 100 meters from the most important places to visit, such as the cathedral and the casa de la Trova etc., twelve rooms equipped with all comforts, independent access, multi-five qualified personnel. Assistance, guided tours.

We are in Santiago de Cuba - San Jeronimo # e / Reloj y San agustin.

Distance from the sea: 700 mt

Airport distance: 7 km

Info (from outside cuba) tel. 005322652192 - tel. 005358227364

Info from Italy tel. 0973 604010


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