Some of our dishes

Appetizers/ Selection of Cold cuts

Ham, mortella stuffed with mozzarella cheese, vegetables, cheese, etc.., Cutting board (ham, salami, cheese, vegetables) , cart appetizers, seafood salad, pickles

First courses

Smoked cavatielli pasta, lasagna, ravioli with tomato and basil, ravioli with walnuts and cheese, Guglielmina style fusilli, noodles with shrimp or seafood, lagane pasta with beans or chickpeas, strascinati pasta with sausage, cortecce pasta with ricotta cheese, orecchiette with broccoli, ”Cilentano” bundle , assorted pasta with shrimp and prawns, cavatielli with seafood, spaghetti with clams.

Main courses

Fried fish, fried anchovies or au gratin, fried shrimp , fried or stuffed squid, swordfish, red mullet, grilled prawns, fried or "Zi Fonzo"style stockfish, other kind of fish on request.

Eggplant parmesan, grilled smoked cheese, "Zi Fonzo"style stew, sausage, pork “tracchiole”, roast beef, grilled pork, mutton, mixed meat, mixed fish, mixed cheese .

Side Dishes

Side dishes of potatoes, salad, etc..

Desserts and fruits

Homemade cakes, ice cream and seasonal fruit.

Wines and bitters

Several types of local and national wines. Liqueurs and bitters local and national.