“Zero Miles” Gastronomic Tradition

The "Cantina I Mustazzo , immersed in the heart of Sapri, will allow you to "taste" a charming cocktail of culture, traditions and folklore, leaving you speechless.
The flavors of the past are reproduced thanks to the products that come directly from our lands. For years, in fact, the winery has adopted the policy of zero miles “from farm to fork”, also known as "short chain": a choice that enhances local production and retrieves the link to the origins, highlighting at the same time tastes and flavors, like“ fresa” with cherry tomatoes and basil, cheese and local caciocavalli, ham and sausage. In full respect of the seasonality of food we guarantee, then, the freshness and traceability of our ingredients, making you know the growers, farmers and companies we work with.
NWe also undertake to promote the raw materials that represent the deepest history of the territory. Our menu varies from day to day because healthy eating means not having to take food with a curing that has taken place artificially or that has come after running hundreds of miles. The starting point is, therefore, the search of quality products of Campania and Cilento, and, consequently, their revival in different ways, modernly and alternately during the whole of the seasons.
The advantages arising from the short chain are naturally considerable: they may be found not only in the reduction of factors linked to pollution and global warming, such as the emission of carbon dioxide due to transport and use of packaging for distribution, but also in the possibility of buying local products that have not lost the organoleptic properties due to long journeys.
Obviously the genuineness of the products will be combined with a friendly and "familiar" attitude of all the staff, who will be welcoming you as people and not as mere guests, in order to give you moments of true culinary well-being.